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Pitfall The Lost Expedition

Playstation 2

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Explore huge interactive levels with impressive graphics - watch as grass sways uner your feet, rivers flow and the lushness of the jungle opens up for you Help Harry survive against multiple enemies, from mercenaries to angry tribal warriors to jungle animals -- you can even design your own combos to use against different opponents Multiple types of gear Harry can use -- all of which can be manipulated using one of the analog sticks Pitfall Harry's got an odd sense of humor, one that kids and adult gamers can enjoy together during play Incredible action and excitement as you experience the thrills of exploring long-lost jungle empires and unravel ancient mysteries!Product Description Pitfall Harry is back to explore dangerous Peruvian jungles, snow-capped mountains and creepy caves in search of untold treasure! Swing on vines, cross gator-filled pits and defeat life-threatening foes in this classic adventure of modern-day design. From the Manufacturer Gamers assume the role of Harry, a fearless, rough-and-ready treasure seeker who battles evil using his athletic ability and a knapsack filled with adventure gear. Harry must race against a rival explorer to find hidden treasures, which in the wrong hands could spell doom for him and his friends. The vast landscape, ranging from forests to ancient ruins to subterranean mines, provides players with countless game options as they face the consequences of their decisions. Crossing treacherous jungle terrain and dark areas filled with puzzles, tricks and traps, players swing on vines, avoid crocodiles and dodge rolling logs as they unearth artifacts and use their cunning to defeat dangerous foes.

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