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Blue Stinger

Sega Dreamcast

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Great game! International and Fast fast shipping. DVD Stranded by a bizarre meteor impact and surrounded by monstrous mutations, rescue agent Eliot Ballade must unravel the mysteries of Dinosaur Island--or die trying. As Eliot or Dogs Bower, a ferry captain Eliot meets early in the game, you explore the island and uncover the story behind the disaster. While most of the game focuses on solving puzzles and learning more about the meteor and its effect on the island, roaming zombies and huge monsters will keep you on your toes. Graphics are good--with nice flashy weapons effects--but not mind-blowing like Soul Calibur or Sonic Adventure. The Jump Pack accessory (sold separately) provides great tactile feedback when firing weapons or getting mauled by a monster--it seems to spend more time rumbling than not. While the fighting is a lot of fun, some players may be frustrated by the regeneration of zombies. It can get tedious to exit a room after killing all of the enemies, only to run into them again when returning. The game's viewpoint system also could be improved, as it occasionally leaves you fighting an enemy you can't see. Parents should note that Blue Stinger is a horror game, and the gore flows readily. All in all, while it doesn't build any new genres, Blue Stinger provides a solid gaming experience. Its flaws keep it from being a great game, but don't keep it from being a good time. --Aaron KarpPros:Long gameplayInvolved science-fiction/horror storylineGood balance between puzzles and actionCons:Occasionally awkward viewpoint systemRepetitive enemy encounters Product description Includes game, original case, and original manual. Also includes bonus collector DVD case with reprint of original artwork to look pretty on shelf next to current games! These items are in good condition and complete but they are not like new. They may have small flaws to the case and the game may have very small scratches that do not affect game play. All ClassicGameStore games are tested before being taken into our inventory. Review Blue Stinger is the Dreamcast's first foray into the recently vital "survival horror" genre of games, but it strays rather far from the formula established by Resident Evil. While a solid-enough concept, Blue Stinger is lacking in the execution department. Those expecting anything along the lines of Resident Evil are likely to be disappointed. A huge meteorite crashes in the Yucatan peninsula, beginning the nuclear winter that drives the dinosaurs to extinction and paves the way for mammalian life. 65 million years later, in the year 2001, an island emerges from the depths of the ocean at the impact site and is promptly given the kitschy name, "Dinosaur Island." Believed to be the crater by that very same meteorite, a biotech corporation quickly sets up camp on the island and soon dominates the market. Eliot Ballad, an elite member of the ESER forces, is vacationing off the coast of Dinosaur Island when a strange object falls from the sky, placing all of Dinosaur Island under a mysterious dome of energy. Shortly afterward, Nephilim, a mysterious, ghostlike being, begins following Eliot around the monster-infested island. Needless to say, it's up to Eliot to get to the bottom of things and save himself from the monsters lurking within his enigmatic prison. Blue Stinger's gameplay borrows a lot from Resident Evil, but it puts a new spin on it. You guide Mr. Ballad through the huge laboratory on Dinosaur Island, fending off hordes of twisted organisms with a variety of weapons. Blue Stinger puts a few interesting twists on the formula that make it feel less like a straight rip-off of Capcom's flagship series. First and foremost is the availability of money. Whenever Eliot kills a monster of significant stature, its corpse spews out $10 coins, which you can collect and use in the myriad vending machines scattered across the island. Vending machines dispense everything from ammo and healing drinks to plasma guns. While the overall game me

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