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Vigilante 8 Second Offense

Sega Dreamcast

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Rare Factory Sealed - Quick shipping - If you have any questions feel free to ask - Also i want to stay at 100% feedback so please if there is ever an issue contact me so i can resolve it immediately. Thank you and buy with Looking for some good car combat? Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense introduces Dreamcast owners to their first vehicular combat game, and it's a worthy debut at that. Treacherous transportation options include futuristic cars and '70s relics, among other eclectic offerings. Each vehicle has a special weapon, and players can pick up these weapons, along with napalm, missiles, shields, and tire add-ons on each of the game's eight levels. Taking place in the late 1970s (where the series debut, Vigilante 8, left off), two ex-Vigilantes--Convoy and Houston--have been kidnapped. Will their friends be able to save them? There are also numerous other subplots, including an escaped space chimp that chases an alien garbage man and a cybercop chase involving an evil oil baron. Quest mode offers a unique story for each character. There are multiple endings to discover as well as multiple vehicles waiting to be unlocked upon completion of each level's three objectives. Vigilante 8: Second Offense features an arcade mode, a survival mode, and a multiplayer mode, where up to four friends can compete. --Robb GuidoPros: Same homicidal driving action from PlayStation version Impressive graphics Cons: Control is more slippery than in the PlayStation version Product description Includes game disc, manual and original case. Disc may have a few small scratches but none that affect the games playability. All classic game store games are fully tested before being added to our inventory. Review The console cousin to Activision's Interstate 76 line, the Vigilante 8 series, focuses on a group of good people who drive cars tricked out with weapons and fight against a group of bad people who drive cars tricked out with weapons. That's almost all the plot description you need, save for that the setting is the 1970s, and the game recycles the only things anyone would ever want to salvage from that era: muscle cars, funk music, Afros, and fat sideburns. The second game in the series (which is of course entirely new to the Dreamcast) features a time-travel storyline, which of course introduces the weapon-laden flying vehicles that everyone's driving in the future, as well as other bits of advanced technology that lets cars skim along on ski slopes and water. As in the last game, you can play either on the good side or the bad side, each of which has its own mission requirements for each level, before all the other vehicles must be eliminated. As a good guy, you might have to gather stolen cash and return it to its owners, while the baddies must actually steal it. The mission objectives are now more elaborate than before, which should be good but isn't, because they aren't always as clear as they should be. For instance, on one level, you must protect a train and collect several toolboxes. To gather all the toolboxes, you must shoot the train, something you'd assume you'd want to avoid doing to accomplish the other objective. In another level, you must launch a rocket. This mission requires you to blast open a building, trigger a computer control to move the rocket to the launch platform, and trigger the control again once the rocket is in place. You can check over your objectives at any time in the game, but they offer scant instruction, and they don't check off once they have been accomplished. One addition to the series that has no drawback is that you can improve the performance of your car. Each time you destroy a vehicle, you can collect an icon that adds a few points to one of several areas (speed, armor, and so on). If you get a hundred points in any category, your car's chassis automatically upgrades. The icons only appear for about ten seconds, so you'll want to be right on top of your opponents when you take them out, instead of up a mountain firing mortars from a safe distance. You'll probably encounter this feature first in the quest mode, but it's also available in the arcade mode, where you pick how many opponents y

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