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Nfl Blitz 2000 [Sega All Stars]

Sega Dreamcast

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Complete, includes disc(s), case, cover art, manuals and inserts in used condition.Product description Includes game, original case, and original manual. These items are in good condition and complete but they are not like new. They may have small flaws to the case and the game may have very small scratches that do not affect game play. All ClassicGameStore games are tested before being taken into our inventory. "No refs. No rules," boasts NFL Blitz 2000, making it clear that this game is not true-to-life football simulation. The game disregards strict realism in favor of outrageous moves, bone-crushing tackles, and jaw-dropping plays. And you'll need those big plays: a first down in NFL Blitz 2000 is 30 yards, and there aren't any rules against pass interference. The gridiron action is enhanced by the voices of the players. A safety who body-slams a wide receiver will stand over the writhing body and jeer, "You're in MY house, sucka!" A sacked quarterback may limp away, wailing, "I think it's broken!" Even the game's announcers get in on it, gleefully pointing out that your star running back just got clobbered. So NFL Blitz 2000 is the perfect game to play with your buddies. It's fast, fierce, and quickly gets everyone talking trash and slinging taunts. Up to four people can play at once, two on each team (each player needs their own controller). Fans of deep, realistic football strategy should check out NFL 2K. But fans of the kind of football found in highlight reels will love NFL Blitz 2000. Pros: Terrific multiplayer game for up to four players Brutal tackle animations Trash-talking players, great commentary from announcers Players can design custom plays and save them to a VMU Cons: Single-player game quickly gets old Turbo mode and other unrealistic moves may turn off hard-core sports fans --Michael Fehlauer Review Sim-style football got you down? Can't seem to get into NFL 2K, no matter how hard you try? Me neither. Luckily, for people like you and me, there's another football game on the shelves in time for the Dreamcast's launch. That game is NFL Blitz 2000, and its gameplay is about as far away from NFL 2K as you can get while still playing a football game. Gone are the rules and regulations of standard football. In the world of NFL Blitz, each team puts seven players on the field. Also, it's 30 yards to get a first down. Those are about the only real rules in the game. Pass interference is no longer a penalty - it's a necessity. Late hits are also welcome here, complete with body slams and right hooks. The offensive playbook is packed with passing plays. You can execute running, but it's accomplished more through hitting your receivers before they cross the line of scrimmage than through actual handoffs. The game is based on the arcade version of NFL Blitz '99, but there are a few newly added features that make the game feel fresh. You can now create defensive plays, control your punts, and use a new icon-based passing system called blitz passing. Blitz passing is good for people that are used to the sim-styled standard of icon-based passing, but most fans of Blitz will want to stick to the standard point-and-shoot passing system. Team rosters have also been updated in the game, reflecting trades as well as new teams like the Cleveland Browns. Also, the season mode that debuted in the original NFL Blitz games on the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 has found a new home on the Dreamcast. Here you have to deal with differing playbooks and more accurate strengths and weaknesses in your quest for the Super Bowl victory. The graphics are identical to those in the arcade version of the game. The players and field look nice, and the game runs at a very high, very smooth frame rate. The sound effects and speech are well done, and several new phrases and taunts have been added to this year's game, but overall the sound is a little tinny. The Dreamcast's analog pad suits this game very well, but expect to spend a few hours getting the hang of accurately per

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