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Star Wars Phantom Menace


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1 Player Analog Control Compatible Vibration Function Compatible Rated T for TeenProduct Description LIVE the SAGA in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace for PlayStation. You will participate in the dramatic events from the Star Wars Episode I story--and beyond. The action in The Phantom Menace will pick up where the movie begins--as two heroic Jedi Knights dock on the Trade Federation Battleship above the planet Naboo. The journey takes you to such locations as Naboo, Tatooine, and all the way to the Galactic capital world of Coruscant as you confront imposing threats to freedom in the midst of a galaxy in crisis. As the room fills with poison gas, you and Qui-Gon race down the hall and stop in front of five Trade Federation droids. Your lightsaber hums to life as you and your master block and reflect the hail of blaster bolts, leaving the offending droids in pieces. As your enemies grow to seemingly hopeless numbers, you extend your hand in a Jedi force push. Again all that is left are fried circuits. Leaping over chasms, destroying droid armies, saving entire planets is all in a day's work when you are a Jedi. And we all want to be Jedi... right? In Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace, you assume the roles of Obi Wan, Qui-Gon, Queen Amidala, and Captain Panaka as they struggle to save Naboo and defeat the Trade Federation's sinister agents. Exciting battles, terrific sound effects, and a true-to-the-movie story line make this game a treat for any Star Wars fan. The graphics could be sharper, but the overall Star Wars experience is not diminished by this fact. Instead, the gameplay itself takes you away from an immersive Star Wars feel: it's just strange to see a Jedi use a rocket launcher. I was also hoping that lightsabers would cut through just about anything, but sadly this is not the case--some robots even need to be hit multiple times before they go down. And it's just sad to see a Jedi's progress in an outdoor level blocked by simple shrubbery. Still, like the movie itself, Star Wars: Episode One, The Phantom Menace overcomes its minor flaws to deliver a thrilling experience. --Allen StewartPros:You get to use a lightsaberDual shock controllers vibrate with the saber's movementGreat music video of "Duel of the Fates" includedCons:Graphics could be betterVoice-overs are rather weak Review While there have been many good games based on the world of Star Wars, none of them have been very good on the PlayStation. This new Star Wars game, based on the first episode of the series, is no exception. Originally scheduled to come out shortly after the last May's release of the movie and the PC version of the game, this is one port that even a Jedi mind trick couldn't convince you to enjoy. The PC version of the game was flawed in many areas. The PlayStation version brings most of those flaws over and adds some new ones in the process. As Obi-Wan Kenobi (and in other parts of the game, Qui-Gon, Queen Amidala, and Captain Panaka) you'll run through lots of different environments, hit numerous switches, and push some blocks around. Oh, you'll also come across gangs of droids armed with lasers. That's where the most basic gameplay flaw makes itself known. At this point, your lightsaber pretty much turns into a baseball bat, and you're expected to play batting cage with the droids, knocking their shots back at them with your weapon. You can also run up close and take a quick swing at the droids to destroy them, but hanging back and pounding on the swing button as the laser shots come in seems to work just as well through most of the game's levels. Aside from your saber swing, you can also roll around from side to side, do a back flip, and execute an occasional force push, which knocks down all the droids in the area for a few seconds, giving you enough time to run up and put them out of commission. The game takes place from a third-person view that has a bit more in common with Syphon Filter than with Tomb Raider. The camera manages not to get in the way too often, th

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