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Tunnel B-1


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PS1Review Essentially a hodgepodge of other, better games, Tunnel B1 from Acclaim (originally from Ocean) combines a first-person Doom perspective with WipeOut-like hovercraft and Alien Trilogy's dark, claustrophobic tunnels. Sounds good, but it's really a bore. The objective here is simple: Explore the long, winding tunnels, knock out gun turrets and enemy ships, and blow up crates to reveal power-ups - all while trying to unlock doors to reach additional stages. And though this results in some decent, fast-paced tunnel combat, the truth is that Tunnel B1 lacks any personality or character - the play is mildly entertaining, but disinterest quickly follows replay. Ultimately, when the "Mission Failed" screen comes up, chances are players won't be too upset. The game's most annoying aspect is the player's viewpoint: close to the ground, yet tilted at a slightly upward angle - a perspective that guarantees headaches. A choice of views is mandatory in such games, with at least one that looks slightly downward (the norm for 3-D shooter games). Players have complete freedom to roam the tunnels, but graphically everything is so dark and unattractive that even simple exploration is a snooze. Other fundamental (and inexcusable) disasters include poorly displayed text messages and an incomprehensible female voice guide. While it has some decent basic elements, Tunnel B1, despite its potential, feels unfinished. Unfortunately, it is finished, and not worthy of much attention. --Jeff Kitts --Copyright ©1999 GameSpot Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of GameSpot is prohibited. GameSpot and the GameSpot logo are trademarks of GameSpot Inc. -- GameSpot Review

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