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Nba Street Vol 3

Playstation 2

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Play on 12 authentic courts around the world, from Rucker Park in NYC to Venice Beach, California -- even courts in Europe Go wild with the Gamebreakers - turn combos into a 3-man aerial dunk assault The Trick Stick gives you complete control of the rock -- take your dunka nd slams further, and make up your own crazy moves Show off your style with over 1,000 different custom options - hairstyles, gear and accessories are yours to play with Build and customize your home court from the ground up - Create a home court advantage with new court surface, net, and backboard stylesReview Some franchises just run out of steam. NBA Jam is one of them. It started off strong – redefining video game basketball as we know it – had a phenomenal sophomore year, then plummeted from grace with such momentum that even those who praised the series wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole. NBA Street is walking directly in the footsteps of this highly influential game, but it has no intention of hanging its shoes up anytime soon. While sticking to the high-flying, rim-rockin' antics that launched the series to the top of the charts, developer EA Canada has implemented enough exciting new content to make the experience fresh and addictive yet again.In many ways, EA has gone back to the drawing board to present the game in an entirely new light. Moving away from the mile-high afros, graffiti-riddled courts, and playful caricaturizing of the previous two releases, this series' ankle-breaking jukes and orbital slams are now visualized with the utmost realism. Courts are teeming with animated fans, leaves falling off of trees, and breathtaking lighting effects that produce blinding rays and photorealistic shading. The player models are also impressively detailed with swaying jerseys, the authentication of signature apparel, and facial texturing that is perfected to the very pimple. For those of you who feel that looks mean about as much as a new hair color for Dennis Rodman, the most significant changes to this year's addition stem from gameplay. Focusing on the most exciting aspect of the game, dunks reign supreme in this iteration. Above and beyond the the assortment of jams that you'll be able to perform throughout the course of the game, players can now customize their slams when activating a GameBreaker. When your character takes flight, tapping the right analog stick in different directions will make your player perform different moves such as windmills, double pumps, and an array of remarkable feats. More impressive yet, you can also toss the ball to an airborne teammate before you land to create a two- or three-man combo that will simply decimate your opponent.To ensure that players are flying through the air at any given time, EA has also created an insanely deep Dunk Contest mode. Bounce the rock behind your back, leap to grab it, then spin and double pump as you bring the backboard crashing to the ground. Or if you really want to get crazy, drag props such as vending machines and port-a-potties onto the court and soar over them. Unlike the latest entry of NBA Live, this mode is easy to use, has more slams in its arsenal than Spud Webb (who is in the game), and couldn't be much more entertaining. Regarding the battle for position on the court, EA has removed the trick buttons in favor of mapping deke moves to the right analog stick. Each 45-degree angle performs a different move. Apply the modifier buttons to the equation and you have an expansive arsenal at your fingertips. This new format is much easier to tap into and be successful with. Much like dunking, a combo meter tracks how many dekes you can chain together and creates a higher multiplier for the forthcoming shot or dunk.Be a Legend mode has been replaced by the similarly designed and equally amusing Street Challenge. Build a baller from the ground up, create your own shoes, and compete in challenges that range from dunk-only contests to the first to perform a GameBreaker. As you gain reputation, you'll be asked to join an NBA team for league play. You'll also get the chance to build your own court. As nice as it is to have turf to call your own, there's little in the way of customization options.On occasion, your CPU opponents will make somesilly mistakes along the lines of using a GameBreaker to shoot a three-pointer during a dunk-only contest, but the AI is still mighty impressive. Rather than going the way of the dodo like other arcade basketball franchises, Street continues to gain momentum and is more desirable now than it has ever been.Conce

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