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Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun

Gameboy Advance

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Endless combinations of battle for extended replay - tournament structure allows players to draw lots of hours of fighting fun Customize Mega Man's powers by assembling program parts in a memory map Dark Soul chips offer Mega Man greater power -- but must be used carefully or Mega Man will switch to the dark side Fully Game Link compatible - Trade chips and programs, create Battle Network tournaments or connect Red Sun to Blue Moon for expanded storylines Collect the 6 souls in Red Sun and the other 6 souls in Blue Moon and then use them in the Soul Unison system - for devastating power movesFrom the Manufacturer It's been five months since their final battle with Dr. Wily. Lan and Mega Man return as 6th gradersÑ-eager to tell about their cyber adventures and return to the peace of every day life. Not likely! A suspicious-looking cyberbot lurks in the Net. This marks the beginning of a brand new and fierce cyberspace battle! Play the Red Sun and Blue Moon versions to experience separate story-lines, battle chips, enemies & strategies. Calling all Net Battlers! Game Features: Two new versions: Red Sun and Blue Moon New "Soul Unison" system: transforms Mega Man's abilities Trade programs, battle chips & have Network Battles with a Game Link cable Product Description Test your willpower to stay on the side of good in this latest installment of the Mega Man Battle Network series. Enjoy great tournament style gameplay as Lan and Mega Man seek to rid the net of viruses. An innovative new "dark chip" is available if you want to use it to get out of a pinch. But beware! Overusing the dark chip will consume you with evil and you'll lose certain abilities. There is also a "soul unison" system that allows players to "synch up" with souls of defeated opponents and use their special abilities to fight new opponents. Battle Network 4 features 2 versions with distinct story lines and 6 unique enemy souls in each version. Players can link the 2 versions to trade programs and chips, battle each other, or compare battle records. The other version, "Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon," is sold separately. Review ega Man has traveled a long and sometimes torturous road in his life as a gaming icon. His recent GBA excursions have cast Mega Man as a sentient computer "PET" program who battles Internet viruses. Battle Network 4 continues this tradition, but fails to present anything particularly novel in the offering. The RPG-style fights are uninspiring, and the storyline is simplistic. Still, the graphics are bright and inviting, with menus that are easily navigable. The two versions of the game will each offer unique plots, and expanded stories can be opened up by linking with someone who has the other edition. I can't help but think that I might be more engrossed if I was a much younger gamer. As it is, I was left patently unimpressed.Rated: 7 out of 10Editor: Matt MillerIssue: June 2004Subscribe to Game Informer -- Game Informer Review

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