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Resident Evil 2

Nintendo 64

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N64 CARTRIDGEProduct Description Prepare yourself for one of the most horrifically fun games to surface on the Nintendo 64. As part of the incredibly popular horror game series, Resident Evil, the zombified townsfolk walk onto the Nintendo 64 for the first time in this follow-up to the original hit. Resident Evil 2 is set a few months after the first installment's zombie plague. Players assume the role of either Raccoon City police officer Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield, whose missing brother may be involved with those responsible for the invasion. Both decide to venture forth in search of the source of the still-active zombie plague. In classic horror flick style, each goes alone with minimal weapons and a tendency to attract the undead. And since you can't argue with a zombie, players must often choose between firing a precious bullet or running for dear life. Separate character storylines and items that move after each game keep players coming back for more gore. The hulking 512-megabit game pack is the largest to hit the Nintendo 64, and for good reason. The game features high-resolution 3-D graphics, a massive game world, and even full-motion video (another N64 first). As millions of PlayStation fans can attest, you'll scream, you'll jump out of your chair, you'll shout commands to your characters as the zombies and mutant creatures close in and--best of all--you'll love every terrifying second of it. --Eric Twelker Review You'd expect Resident Evil 2 on the Nintendo 64 - a port of a game that came out nearly two years ago on the PlayStation - to feel dated. Heck, the third game in the series, Resident Evil 3 Nemesis, was released on the PlayStation two weeks ago, and the fourth installment, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, is due out for the Dreamcast in Japan in a few months, with a US translation trailing only a bit behind. Somehow, though, RE2 doesn't feel old or tired at all. And it's as impressive today on the N64 as it was in January of '98, when it first debuted on the PlayStation. Part of that is due to how impressive it is as a port. The game takes the contents of two PlayStation discs - including all the FMV sequences and the bonus Hunk and Tofu missions - and fits it into one 512-megabit N64 cartridge, which ends up being twice the size of The Legend of Zelda cart, for the record. The only thing missing in this edition is the extreme-battle mode from the Dual Shock edition of Resident Evil 2 on the PlayStation, but the omission is made up for by new features, such as a randomizer (which shuffles items around after you've played the game through once) and files (which you can find to learn details about the Resident Evil story, some of which have bits that tie in with Resident Evil 3 Nemesis and Resident Evil: Code Veronica). You can also change the blood color from red to green or blue, or set the violence to low, medium, or high. Sure, and the gang's all here. You play as Leon Kennedy, the rookie cop who has reported for his first shift on the day the T-virus outbreak turns the whole town into zombies, or as Claire Redfield, who has come to Raccoon City to find her older brother, the male lead from the first Resident Evil. To make matters worse, the creator of the T-virus has developed a more perfect virus, which he ingests when the nefarious Umbrella Corporation sends in troops to steal it from him. (In the process, he's become a monster that could even give RE's Tyrant pause). Yes, as either character, you end up in the middle of company politics and a lot of sharp, gnashing teeth. Resident Evil 2 on the PlayStation was full of moments that made you sense that something was going to pop out and attack you (and invariably, something did as soon as you stopped expecting it), and that's reproduced perfectly here. The sound effects are fantastic, whether it's the moan and shuffle of a zombie that's just around the corner or the crunch of your footsteps as you step over broken glass. And save for a slightly ti

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