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Maken X

Sega Dreamcast

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Play as a supernatural sword with the ability to "brainjack" characters Includes 20 levels of action running at 60 frames per second The story features seven possible endingsProduct Description With exciting first-person sword combat and an engaging storyline with multiple endings, Maken X is one of the most unusual action- adventure games to hit the Dreamcast. Players assume the role of Maken, a supernatural entity that can "brain-jack" the minds and bodies of other characters to utilize their particular strengths and knowledge. Not a bad skill, especially given the evil and gruesome baddies that Maken must overcome. Using a unique lock-on system that targets an opponent's weakest area, Maken takes advantage of a variety of hand-held weapons. As the story unfolds through 20 massive levels, your specific actions will decide your gaming route (as well as which ending you'll uncover). First-person shooters--the kind of game where you run around shooting everything in sight from a first-person perspective--are commonplace on most gaming consoles, except (for some odd reason) on the Dreamcast. Maken X is one of the few first-person shooters for the system, but it is so unconventional that it ultimately deserves a category all its own.In this game you play Maken, which is best described as a futuristic sword that has the power to possess people. The characters you control run around the graphics-rich levels, slashing their way through countless bizarre enemies as the plot unfolds. As the game progresses, Maken can "brainjack" some of the other game characters, and that ability to possess others and play the game from their viewpoint is Maken X's real draw. Another strong point is the game's capacity for multiple endings. The conclusion is determined by the character that you choose to follow, which allows you to play through the game several times without the gameplay feeling stale.Characters are very easy to control, which is a big plus given that most combat takes place within sword range of an enemy. At times, it feels like the game would play better from a third-person perspective, but the first-person gameplay is easy to get used to. --T. Byrl BakerPros: Beautiful graphics that are free from slowdown Multiple endings Unique gameplay Cons: Horrendous voice acting Review The name Atlus is often associated with all things freaky, from its unique RPG series, Megami Tensei (known in the US as Persona), to games like Torico and even strategy games like Kartia. What it is not known for is its first-person shooters. But that hasn't stopped the company from trying. While it hasn't exactly created a first-person shooter, it has put together a tidy little first-person hacker known as Maken X. Sharing the name of the evil sword on which this game is centered, Maken X thrusts you into a completely bizarre world through which you battle via a diverse cast of characters, whom you possess via a process called the "brain jack." Brain jacking is exactly what it sounds like. A hijack, a carjack, a brain jack. Between levels, you meet various characters in cinematics scripted with the game's graphics engine. You can opt to brain-jack these characters, and should you do so, you can use their specific abilities in the levels that follow. For example, one early character you can brain-jack is actually pretty weak, but he has a stun club that immobilizes your enemies for a moment, allowing you time to smack 'em around. Another brain-jackee has the ability to shoot knives from his tongue for a handy long-distance attack. Control consists of strafing controls, lock-on functions, and a charge-up attack. You can also jump and duck, and while there are some platform elements, they are not too frustrating to complete. Your game experience, minus the cinemas, usually consists of navigating hallways and slashing whomever attacks you. It's pretty standard, except that the enemies all have fairly different attacks, meaning your approach to each one had better be different, or you'll be pushing up daisies in no time. Something you won't find in Quake III or Unreal Tournament any time soon is th

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