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Sega Bass Fishing

Sega Dreamcast

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All new Dreamcast exclusive game modes Amazing AI = fish react realistically to changing conditions and lure types 8 unique fishing locations rendered in gorgeous 3D graphics 14 different lures - each with unique performance Compatible with Dreamcast fishing controller (sold separately) for the most lifelike experience For those willing to take the bait, Sega Bass Fishing has an addictive gameplay hook that will reel in sporting enthusiasts and even a few hardcore gamers. This realistic 3-D bass fishing simulation shines with three distinct gaming modes, eight fishing environments, and 13 different lures. Let's be honest here. Fishing simulation games aren't for everyone. Many hardcore gamers will likely bypass this title because they believe the genre lacks the instant gratification of fast-moving shooters. That's a shame. Though it might not be everyone's can of worms, Sega Bass Fishing does offer a subtle, highly addictive gaming experience that will challenge even the most seasoned of game veterans. This isn't Quake, to be sure. But you'll need similar gaming smarts and strategies to succeed in this water-based sporting environment. It takes a skilled aim and a steady hand to hook and reel in the largest fish, which are surrounded by smaller, less desirable catches. There's nothing worse than casting your lure directly at a monster-sized bass only to have it intercepted by a meddlesome minnow. We encountered more than our share of near misses, which gives us virtual bragging rights to "the one that got away." While some gamers will prefer the subtlety of free-form fishing sans time constraints, this game also features a fast-action arcade mode that requires the player to meet a minimum quota of catches before advancing to a new fishing environment. An optional Dreamcast fishing controller (sold separately) makes the task of catching these underwater critters all the easier. The controller, which also adds a realistic rumble when you catch a fish, is a highly recommended accessory for the ultimate home fishing experience. --Brett AtwoodPros:Near-perfect translation from the hit arcade gameEight realistic 3-D fishing environmentsThree different game modes to choose fromGreat control with optional fishing controller (sold separately)Cons:Game genre will not appeal to everyone Product description Sega Bass Fishing is the most addictive simulation yet to come to Dreamcast! With your fishing rod gripped firmly in your hand, cast off with a flick of the wrist to enter the Sega Bass Fishing Association Championship. Review If you like the thought of fishing, but you don't like the act of getting stinky in the process, then Sega Bass Fishing might be right up your alley. Originally developed for the arcade, Sega Bass Fishing does little to hide its roots while attempting to offer the home consumer more in the process. For the armchair fisherman, it doesn't get much better than this. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the whole point of this game is to catch fish. Big fish, little fish, small fish, super-big fish, it doesn't matter. In arcade mode, you have a set amount of time to catch a predetermined weight requirement of fish. Let's say you need to catch 5000 grams worth of fish. Whether you catch five fish that weigh 1,000g each, or one fish that weighs 5,370g is all up to your skill with the rod. Meet the weight requirement in the level, then move on to the next. There are four areas in all, three basic, and one secret. Fortunately for the novice, you can continue as many times as you like, so even if you run out of time, you'll never run out of continues. When you continue, you pick up exactly where you left off, so you don't have to restart each level. It keeps this game from being too frustrating, unlike some other fishing games (Reel Fishing comes to mind). Sadly, the arcade mode is what you would call "easy." So easy, in fact, that you'll likely beat the game on your first try. For savvy fishermen there lies the consumer mode. In the consumer mode you explore a much greater selection of areas during different parts of the day, attempting to snag the biggest fish you can find. Your success in various sites will earn you secret lures, which will enable you to catch even bigger fish later on. This

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