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Speed Devils

Sega Dreamcast

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Wicked-fast hot-rod racing. High stakes gambling & custom car racing through Satan's playground! 12 Brutal Tracks. 11 screaming-fast Fast-paced, arcade-style driving action hits the Dreamcast in the form of Ubi Soft's Speed Devils--only this time, it's personal. The first thing you'll notice is the game's emphasis on presenting recognizable rivals throughout the races. Instead of competing against faceless "computer" foes, you meet 17 rival drivers with distinct personalities; these defining characteristics come out in their driving tendencies. Yu Kioto's calm demeanor, for example, is reflected in his calculated, mistake-free driving. It's a cool feature that gives the single-player game depth: you not only have to handle wacky obstacles as you roar around the track, but you have to handle each driver differently.Speed Devils sports three gameplay modes: arcade, championship, and multiplayer. While the multiplayer mode lets you take on a friend in several different challenges and races, the meat of the gameplay is in the championship mode. The goal here is to progress through several driving classes. Each race nets you prize money, augmented by any side bets or special missions you've agreed to perform. Use the money to buy a better car or improve the one you've got; all the upgrades help you win more races, which moves you farther up the ranks and closer to your eventual goal of taking down the mysterious Driver X. With wild tracks and gameplay that radiates with personality, Speed Devils is an expansive and delightful racer. --Sajed AhmedPros:Weather effects during racing, including rain, snow, fog, and even seasonal changes 2-player versus mode lets you take on a friend in split-screen racing action The deep championship mode will keep you busy for a long time Realistic reflections on the cars and refined texturing around the tracks Cons:If you're into driving realism, the wacky cars and tracks may not appeal At times, cars can seem detached from the driving surface Product description Wicked-fast hot-rod racing. High stakes gambling & custom car racing through Satan's playground! 12 Brutal Tracks. 11 screaming-fast hot-rods. Review The altered Dreamcast version of Ubi Soft's PC title Speed Busters, Speed Devils, is an arcade-style racing game along the general lines of Midway's Crusin' series and California Speed... except it doesn't suck. You begin Speed Devils as a hotshot racer who has recently been sponsored by a mysterious benefactor. He starts off providing you with a little money to pick out a car to get started with and then appears sporadically throughout the game, setting tasks for you to complete during certain races, such as making sure that a particular competitor isn't one ofthe first three cars to pass the finish line or avoiding taking more than 20 percent damage. If you succeed in following his requests, he'll reward you with extra items, upgrades, or even cars. You race in a handful of progressively difficult tournaments, each with its cast of racers you compete against for prize money. Cash is awarded for placement, highest speed, and time spent in the lead, or you can also make money by busting police radars, which is done by driving faster than the prescribed speed limit for a stretch of road. The more your speed exceeds the limit, the more green you make. Also, from time to time between races your opponents will visit your garage and wager cash on the next race. If you continually beat them, they'll become frustrated and raise their bets to vendetta status, meaning it's your car or theirs - may the best man win, and all of that. These little side-quests, as well as those set by your benefactor, add a lot of variety and personality to the game. Once you've racked up enough wins, you can move on to the next class and compete against a tougher group of drivers, or you can choose to stay in a lower class until you feel you've accrued enough money to step into the next class in style. But courses in the tournaments vary in the order they're presented and in weather, the direction you race (mirror),

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